Our curriculum is based on the Cambridge/oxford system of education with incorporation of Islamic teaching and ethics.

Our huffaz along with hifz course catch up academic subjects such as Science, Mathematics and English.


Our school is affiliated with the Sindh board for our matriculation exams. Our huffaz take their exam of  wafaq ul madaris at the end of their course completion.

Academic Year

The studies in high school are based on a yearly system. Assessments are taken throughout the year and final exams are held at the end of the academic year. 

Pandemic has altered it previously. Nonetheless we forged ahead and achieved our goals. All other changes are made as per government orders.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our curriculum qualifies the students to expand personal organizational and time management skills hence enabling the student to have assessment during the academic year.

Assessments are taken on a monthly, half yearly and yearly basis. File records of all results are maintained. A Parent-Teacher meeting is held after every assessment to have parent teacher interaction.

Shields and Awards

Our campus life is full of enthusiasm and energy. During the academic year competitions are held among four houses. All students get an equal chance to participate in extracurricular activities. Shields and awards are given to houses and individuals who perform extraordinary performances. Competitions held every year are; debates, poetry, writing and arts. Trophies are also awarded at the end of mid-term and final terms.


Our campus life is organized into houses to create a powerful culture for students and staff members. All students are divided into houses to develop a sense of belongings and to celebrate achievements.

Our students are divided into four houses named after Khulafa Rashideen. Each house has its own color and is represented by a house captain. 

Throughout the academic year house wise activities and competitions are held to foster a supportive environment.


The school also publishes its annual magazine. It contains literary writings from faculty and students. The literary writings contain poems, stories, jokes and essays etc. This publication brings out hidden talents of students. A magazine committee is set up which decides all the publications. This annual publication is a platform for future writers and a link between ex-students.