To A World of Senior:

Our senior school particularly focuses on child’s character building and pursuing one’s
own interests. Classroom and outdoor activities are designed so students can work and
play more with each other and develop a behavior to work in a community.


Our senior school learning is more focused on making students efficient in academic performance. Monthly tests and midterms are taken during the academic year to assess the students. Along with academics as a priority, make sure every student takes part in extracurricular activities to enjoy school life.

In Senior school competitions are held within houses to enhance student talent. Some extracurricular activities are competitions of Debates, Arts and Science competitions, writing and poetry competitions.

White Shirts/ White Shirt
Black Pants/White Shalwar
Black Socks
Black Shoes
Black Belt

We believe in a strong parent-teacher communication partnership. Our school management always prioritizes quick communication with parents to keep them well informed and know about parents’ concerns. Parents are always welcome during school time to meet their child instructors. Parents can also talk to us through phone lines.

The safety and care of your child is our top priority like yours. Our toddler school staff and members are trained and equipped with all the necessary health and safety care knowledge to make sure that your child is in a safe and protective environment.

As per pandemic situation, we follow all the safety rules and latest guidance to build a secure environment for our students.