to Pre-Primary School

Our pre-primary classrooms are an ideal workplace where toddlers are absorbed in energetic, exploring learning activities and take ownership of their own development. Our house based competitions encourage students to understand their responsibility as an individual student while supporting learning of other fellows.

Free the child protection and you will transform him into the world.


A pre-primary curriculum is specifically designed to build brain power and strong bodies of toddlers in a fun way. Indoor and outdoor activities are also a part of the curriculum. It helps them build focus and a good memory with simple daily activities. Visual and picture displays in the classroom make it easy for students to learn anything anytime.

We believe in a strong parent-teacher communication partnership. Our school management always prioritizes quick communication with parents to keep them well informed and know about parents’ concerns. Parents are always welcome during school time to meet their child instructors. Parents can also talk to us through phone lines.

Toddler’s school time consists of fun indoor and outdoor activities. We offer 20-30 minutes outdoor playtime as well. Outdoor activities are great fun for busy toddlers. As they develop their growing physical skills. Our toddlers enjoy stuff toys, stacking blocks, trying art and paints, and watching and singing rhymes as indoor fun. Our house base competitions take fun to a more exciting level.

The safety and care of your child is our top priority like yours. Our toddler school staff and members are trained and equipped with all the necessary health and safety care knowledge to make sure that your child is in a safe and protective environment. As per pandemic situation, we follow all the safety rules and latest guidance to build a secure environment for our little learners.