To A World of Juniors:

This age group is all about curiosity, discovering and exploring everything around. Our junior school system helps students of this age to fulfill their every curiosity. Classroom activities and curriculum is designed in a way that it helps students to build their academic potential and skills along with learning.


The curriculum of the junior school targets the all round growth and development of students guided by various dimensions of child development: Intellectual, Spiritual, Social & Moral, Physical, Mental and Emotional. Textbooks of Oxford and Cambridge are taught along with sindh board books.

Exercise as per their age is being made mandatory for students of this age to keep them physical and mentally active and fit. Other outdoor activities include running, jumping, skipping and use of swings.

  • White Shirts/ White Shirt
  • Black Pants/White Shalwar
  • Necktie
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Belt

We believe in a strong parent-teacher communication partnership. Our school management always prioritizes quick communication with parents to keep them well informed and know about parents’ concerns. Parents are always welcome during school time to meet their child instructors. Parents can also talk to us through phone lines.

The safety and care of your child is our top priority like yours. Our toddler school staff and members are trained and equipped with all the necessary health and safety care knowledge to make sure that your child is in a safe and protective environment. As per pandemic situation, we follow all the safety rules and latest guidance to build a secure environment for our little learners.